What Is The Difference Between Planning And Control?


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Planning is a basic managerial function. It involves deciding on a course of action in advance. Planning is deciding what is to be done, where and how the work is to be done and who will do the particular task. We can say plan is to produce schemes for future action, to bring about specified results and specified cost, in a specified period of time. It is a deliberate, extent, speed and effects of change.
Controlling is a procedure for measuring performance against objects. Controlling consist in verifying whether everything occurs in conformity with the plan adopted, the instructions issued and principles established. Its object is to point out weaknesses and error in order to rectify them and prevent recurrence. In short controlling facilitates the compliment of the plans. Although planning must preside controlling, plans are not self achieve. Plans guides manager in the use of the resources to the accomplished goal. Them activities are cheek to determine where confirm to plans. Some meaning of controlling like budget for expanse, in checking the record of labour hours lost. Each measure and each had shown where plans are working out. If devotion perishes, correct is innervated but what are correct activities through person.
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While planning is looking ahead, controlling is acting in the pressent. Planning and controlling are 'siamese sisters' and are inseparable as without one, the application of the other would be nothing but a practice in futility.

Any attempt to control without planning is as mentioned above totally futile when one does not even know whether he / she is going where they want to unless they know from the very beginning where they want to go. Planning directs which way to go whereas controlling confirms whether it is the right way towards which one is heading and should be heading. It also encumbers one's notorious tendency to get immensely affected by unwanted and gratuitous deviations that always become a purpose of distorting the objectives and planning process as well as the controlling mechanism. Planning, thus, becomes the ultimate means to furnish and establish the particular benchmarks for developing an effective control mechanism.
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Planning and Controlling are two important terms in Management.
Planning is the process of setting goals and objective for organization and how these goals can be achieve. Planning is done periodically.  While Controlling is a day to day activity of a manager to ensure all factors of production's input are not less than the planned ones.
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When planning something you are not trying to control an outcome. You're trying to anticipate an outcome and set a plan in action to work through it.

When trying to control something you are trying to sway the outcome.
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Well dear buddy!

most of the times the terms planning and control are confused. Planning involves the development of the objectives and preparing various budgets to achieve those objectives while control involves the steps which are taken by the management to increase the likelihood that the objectives set down at the planning stage are attained and goals are near to be achieved.

planning and control

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Planning is the core thinking, through planning we set the mission statement, or set the objectives, for future.and controlling is the evaluation or check through some sets of standard the activities of the organization that these activities are implemented satisfactory or not.
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Planning is related to controlling in the sens that it has two main branch which are looking ahead and present work shedule in an organisation

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