What Is The Difference Between Strategy Planning And Strategic Management?


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Strategic management deals with the determination of the mission, vision, goals, objectives, values, roles and responsibilities of the organization. It helps the organization to determine the strategic goals which a company wants to attain in future. On the other hand, strategic planning is the management tool and it is the process in which the organization focuses it's energy to attain those goals. In the strategic planning the organization plan that how the members will attain the organization's goals for example what the organization will do and how to do. Therefore, strategic planning and strategic management are closely related.

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Business strategy formulates and implement the plans and policies whereas strategic management controls and answers to the question whether the objective can be achieved or not.
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Strategic management is means to manege all those activities which are performed for the achievement of strategic planning steps like mission statement, goal and objectives, designing business portfolio and other marketing strategies.
Strategic planning is all about stating mission, goals and objectives and business portflio and marketing strategies.
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A Strategic Planning is a movement, which decides the targets and considers both inside and outer condition to configure, execute, analyze and alter the methodologies, to increase the advantage.
Strategic Planning is a future oriented movement which will in general decide the authoritative procedure and used to set needs.
Strategic Planning might be comprehended as the long Succession Planning Services which will perform action, elevate level directors ans spotlights the association in all. It builds up the general targets of the venture, outline strategies and above all, aid the assurance of the hierarchical methodology, to meet challenge and endure and develop in the market.

Strategic Management includes the process that causes the association to evaluate the inner and outside business condition structures key vision sets destinations, build up bearing, figure and execute techniques that are adjusted towards the accomplishment of the objectives of the association.
Strategic Management targets increasing support and provides the advantage, in order to supplant contenders and achieve a ruling situation in the whole market. Further, it evaluates, control and modifies the undertaking, as indicated by the adjustments in the business condition.

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