What Is Inappropriate Behaviour At Work?


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~ Kelly ~ answered
Goofing off, and talking are inappropriate behaviors to do at work
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Annie Devore answered
Using Office Time To Pay Bills, And Getting It On With Co Workers  ... Raunchy Comments.. Grabbing... Sleeping At Your Desk.. Pilfering Notepads Pens Ink.. Stealing Out Of Safe.. Going Postal At Boss Or Co Workers.. Badmouthing Co Workers... Arriving At Work Wasted Or High On Meth...  I Worked At An Office And Saw About 40 Percent Of This Kind Of Behaviors. Over The  Years..  Talking On Cell Phone For Hours..
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Merlin Paine answered
Sleeping on the job.
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Shanna Graves answered
Using work time to do things you should do when you are home (paying bills, e-mailing friends, reading a book). Also, any inappropriate touching of others is bad behavior, even if the two of you are in a relationship.
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Deemarcas Day answered
Dating a co-worker (although I did and ended up marrying him!) sexual harassment, too many personal phone calls, too much time away from work space, being an grump all the time, gossiping, talking bad about others, and so many more.
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walter jedyk answered
Goofing off, toying with the staff, stealing and always late.
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Being habitually late for work or meetings becomes very irritating.  Playing computer games or doing e-mails on company time is reason to be chastised or fired if it happens often.  Frequent and long Personal phone calls can get you into trouble.  Inappropriate dress can be rewarded with a visit to the bosses office where you will receive a embarrassing lecture on proper office attire.
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Doing anything that is not work related while you are getting paid to work.

Using wrong language, being rude or unruly.

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