What Are The Duties Of A Document Controller?


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A Document Controller generally acts as an all-round office body. They often find themselves organizing meetings, handling telephone queries, dealing with correspondence (mail and email), handling employee time sheets, registering internal and external documents and managing these documents in terms of filing and access.
Often they will be responsible for both paper and electronic documents, although some employers do hire separate employees depending on company size.
An example of a Document Controller at work would be to imagine they work at an architect's firm. The controller would have to keep records of all documents, drawings and calculations, in both master form and copied. They would be responsible for updating the all the records whilst still preserving the history, and for distributing copies and notification of updates to all relevant parties. In most cases, these documents all need signatures to either show they were received or commissioned, so that recording process falls to the Document Controller too.
An employer will look for someone with the utmost accuracy and eye for detail. Should your resume, cover letter, or official application feature a spelling error or some other incorrect pieces of information, such as a contact phone number, then you are instantly ruling yourself out for consideration. If you feel you struggle with mathematics or literacy then you should pay extra attention to what you write and say.
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The general duties of a document controller are: Organizing meetings, telephone queries, correspondence, keeping teams weekly time sheets, registering of internal and external documents, manage the document/drawing review process, Internal and External etc. To see some duties of a document controller, visit this page.

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