How Do Effective Leaders Communicate Persuasively?


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Strong leaders come in all different forms with many different strengths and weaknesses. Over time there have been well known presidents, prime ministers and generals who have used effective communication to get the best out of the people they are working with.

As in any walk of life, people, particularly managers, have different ways of getting the best out of the people that work with and for them. Some prefer the strong arm tactic, where they opt for plenty of screaming and shouting to get the results they want. Others though, choose to be more persuasive and attempt to put pressure on people rather than barking orders at them and this would appear to be a more effective way of keeping people happier and more settled.

A good example of this is two former British prime ministers of the past few decades. Margaret Thatcher was seen as very much the kind of leader who would use force in order to get the results they were looking for. Her cabinet would often feel put out that their thoughts and opinions were overlooked and ignored due to her belligerent style of leadership. Ultimately this would be her downfall, with her fellow party members opting to replace her as leader

Blair on the other hand, although an admirer of Thatcher it would seem, was seen more as a persuader, leaning on people in a subtle manner in order to get what he wanted, without wanting to cause too much disruption to his party. This worked well for a number of years, though Blair was often accused of cosying up to people in order to get what he wanted, but he certainly wasn't troubled by the friction that the Thatcher had been subject to by fellow party members during her premiership.

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