Why Do Teachers Need To Align The Objectives,strategies,and Assessment?


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Teachers need to be organised so that their individual classes contribute positively to an overall year or course-long strategy or objective.  Often teachers are given quite strict guidelines about what their students must learn by the end of a course.  This means that the teacher needs to outline their objectives (what they intend to teach), strategies (the methods by which they will communicate their objectives/lessons), and what manner they intend to assess their student's work.  Strategies and assessments are heavily dependent on the topic and the age group of the students.  Most people learn best from a variety of methods or strategies i.e. Practical application, listening, writing, researching etc.  Assessment can be equally challenging because there are a wide variety of ways in which to try to determine exactly what information a student has retained.  So, teachers need to "align" all of these aspects of their job in order to best deliver the information at hand.
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The objectives of the teacher must have a connection to his/her lessons and the topics to be discussed in the classroom. It is for an effective teaching process. In order for you to organize the materials to be needed in the lesson proper.
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Strategies should be aligned with objectives so that students will effectively learn all that is to be taught (the objectives). Good strategies will facilitate the learning. Assessment should be aligned so that one can see if the students did learn the material and if the objectives were met.

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