What Is The Salary Of An Airline's Cabin Crew?


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Different airlines provide salaries based on different pay structures, but as a general guideline, cabin crew in the UK get paid around £12,000 a year for new recruits, £14,000 to £18,000 a year for experienced members and as much as £22,000 a year for senior members.

The members of the cabin crew also get paid an allowance known as flight pay. This is calculated on the basis of hours one is operating away from home base. Flying allowances can be as high as £4,500 a year for new recruits.

Cabin crews have the primary job of ensuring the care and safety of passengers. They guide passengers to their seats, make relevant announcements, serve meals and beverages and ensure order in case of emergency. Most airlines provide in house training to new recruits.

Announcements like "In case of an emergency put your head between your legs and kiss your bum goodbye" from the movie "Chicken Run" are a strict no-no.
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The salary maybe RM1000 or RM2500 above expectation.In my opinion, I have not enough qualification to get the higher salary.

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