What Is The Salary Of A Cabin Crew In Saudi Airlines?


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Working as part of the cabin crew on Saudi Arabian airlines is not a picnic and at times it can become extremely tiring and repetitive. In addition, individuals considering this option may want to consider the amount of time they will spend away from home. As a rule, employees are entitled to five days off per month, and four weeks of annual holiday. On top of all that, the rules and regulations in force not only apply during working hours, but are also relevant during 'down times', namely the times spent at the provided living areas, or compounds. Strict curfews apply both evening and first thing in the morning.

  • Salary
The starting rate for cabin crew appears to be around $1500 per month, although several vacancies offering higher amounts, up to $3000 in one case. What will ultimately be the correct starting salary depends on the salary grade, age and experience of the applicant, just as is the case with any other job. Even the lowest estimate is not at all bad considering the fact that this income is tax free. As no rent, utilities etc have to be paid for either, the opportunities to save, or spend, as the case may be, are fantastic.

  • Pros of Working as Cabin Crew
As a whole, working for Saudi Arabian Airlines is hard work, but the benefits are certainly worth considering. Apart from the money being pretty good and tax-free and being able to keep or spend their money as they please, because rent etc are also free, employees get to see the world; meet a multitude of interesting people from all sorts of backgrounds and sometimes get to make friends for life. The cons are long, hard working hours, lots of time away from friends and family, and strict rules.

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