What Different Types Of Lawyers Are There?


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There are many kinds of lawyers out there, so many that it’s difficult to create a list. For starters, an assault lawyer covers assault cases in criminal and civil law, and will be working for both the defense and the prosecution.

A bankruptcy lawyer has the sole aim of helping a person who is legally bankrupt (or even an institution that is legally bankrupt) and is unable to pay off the debts they have accrued. There are many kinds of bankruptcy that a debtor is able to apply for, and hence lawyers are required to ensure that their representative gets a deal that is in their interests.

A workers compensation lawyer is just another. These cover medical care for employees in the case that they suffer an injury in work and are trying to claim compensation. Workers compensation lawyers deal with the legal issues that can arise, like in the case that the employer does not want to pay up for the accident they caused.

Given the huge variety of law out there, there are many kinds of lawyer to consider. For every kind of area of law you may be able to think of, whether it’s divorce, criminal damage, health insurance or fraud, you can be sure that there is a specialized attorney available to help.

Lawyers will generally specialize in one area thanks to their studies at university. The different areas of law are diverse, and for every issue that may become involved with the law, you can near enough be sure that there is a lawyer to help you. If you’re looking for a list, it may take a while!
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The different types of lawyers are Assaults Lawyer, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Compensation Lawyer, Defense Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer, Fraud Lawyer, Insurance Lawyer, Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer, Nursing Home Lawyer, Social Security Lawyer, Wrongful Death Lawyer, Tax Lawyer, International Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer, Securities Lawyer, Car Accident Lawyer, Malpractice Lawyer, Software Lawyer.

A lawyer is an individual who is certified to give legal advice to clients on any kind of legal matters. Some lawyers also represent clients in the court and also dispute resolutions. They have the responsibility to solve real problems and also to perform and kind of legal services.

Some of the responsibilities of lawyers include oral arguments in the court, research and drafting of court papers, legal advice, trial of criminal suspects, conveyance and also protecting intellectual property.
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Automobile Accidents
Breach of Contract
Business Law
Business Litigation
Child Custody
Child Support
Civil Litigation
Civil Rights
Business law
Commercial Litigation
Business Litigation
Construction Law
Consumer Fraud
Consumer Law
Criminal Law
Debtor & Creditor
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes
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2) divorce lawyers;
3) motor vehicle accident lawyers;
4) immigration lawyers;
5) family lawyers;
6) accident and personal injury lawyers;
7) asbestos lawyers;
8) business and corporate lawyers;
9) bankruptcy lawyers; and
10) employment lawyers
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A Lawyer is a person who is learned in law and is licensed to practice law. There are many different types of lawyers depending on their subject of specialization and practice.

The most common types of lawyers are:

Criminal Lawyers
Corporate lawyers
Trial Lawyers
Defense lawyers
Civil lawyer

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There are so many different types of lawyers it's hard to know where to start. There are criminal defense lawyer, personal injury lawyers, family lawyers. Bankruptcy lawyers and about a million more. You can find a lawyer for almost any kind of injustice you may run into. It's nice actually. 

There so many people who've got your back if you ever need it.

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Stephanie Rodgers
Aiden, I would have to agree with you. It makes it nice that there are so many specialized lawyers. It gives us as clients a wide range to choose from and lets us find the best options for our specific cases. 
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There are so many! You just have to fing the bast one for you. When I was little I wanted to be a vet because I loved animals. I then figured out that I don't like the looks of blood and stuff! I still wanted to do somthing that involves animals. There is an animal defence lawyer. I didnt become that I'm a corperate.
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There are several types of lawyers within the population and each discipline focuses on one particular field of law. It will be possible to find lawyers that practice in several different legal areas, but most favor to specialize.

1.) Authorities Lawyers

2.) Family & Divorce Lawyer

3.) Property / Real Estate Regulation Attorney

4.) Immigration Lawyer

5.) Civil Rights Attorney

6.) Criminal Defense Attorney

7.) Estate Regulation Attorney / Estate Planning

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Lawyers can select a specialty. Much like Doctors . There are civil lawyers, criminal , family , divorce , corporate, Prosecuting lawyers, Bankruptcy, probably more but can't remember now
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My mom is one   well there's divorce lawyers  my mom is a bankruptcy lawyer and there's murder lawyers and if you want to sue them kind of lawyers
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I really want to be a lawyer. But I don't know which one to choose. There is so many ! :|
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Hi 12 years old and I and grown on the intrerest of been a lawyer because I like trying to change things that are bads or doing something about things that are wrong.

What should I do im12 and I have already taken a interest in been a lawyer sould I go though with this or   wait a little longer???

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