What Skills And Qualifications Do Lawyers Need?


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Qualifications required depend on the jurisdiction in which you live but generally you will need a LLB (bachelor of laws degree), usually 3 years in duration. Then you need to complete a legal practitioners course of some form - either a barristers or solicitors course or a course which covers both. These courses are usually one school year in duration. Then you need a training contract, also called articles of clerkship. This is when you are training to become a lawyer in a law firm. This is paid work and you will be learning the practical aspects of working in different departments of a firm. After this (usually 10mos - 1.5 years in duration) you will qualify as an attorney and will be able to practice law. You will need to research the qualifications specific to your jurisdiction as these vary from country to country.
As for skills required: Good communication skills, oral and written, ability to pay attention to detail, research and analytical skills are all required for this challenging career.

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