What Are The Three Controversial Employee Management Issues?


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There isn’t a set of controversial issues easily available as such, but we can outline several different employee management issues that cause controversy in the workplace.

Attitude problems: If there is an employee with an attitude problem or is particularly negative, this can cause major issues in a working environment. Negativity is contagious and, while it may make the negative person feel better to get it off their chest, they could be harming every other employee who comes in to contact with them. A negative attitude affects productivity, creates job dissatisfaction and ultimately it may lead to loss of staff.

Untrustworthy and unreliable staff: Workers stealing from the workplace, turning up late or not turning in at all create disharmony in the office. Managers must root out these employees as soon as they see the tell-tale signs of untrustworthy or unreliable staff. If it is tolerated, other staff may begin to drop their own standards as they see other people bad behaviour go unpunished. Addressing issues such as this as they happen will ensure a healthy and professional working environment.

Romances between employees: Relationships between co-workers are bound to happen, but they should really be avoided at all costs. Problems especially arise when relationships happen between supervisors and their employees. This can lead to favouritism, which can be a major cause of friction between co-workers. Productivity and morale can be deeply affected by relationships between employees. If a relationship does occur between employees, managers must be sure to eradicate the possibility of it spilling into the business environment. For example, kissing and holding hands between employees is not only unprofessional during the working day, but it can make other employees feel uncomfortable. Another reason relationships cause problems is if the relationship breaks down, as the employees may still have to work in close proximity . This will have adverse effects on communication and productivity.


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