What Is The Importance Of Sales Promotion?


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Sales promotion is only one part of what marketing experts would call the 'promotional mix'.

It's a tool that can be used to achieve a number of different things, including an increase in consumer demand.

What's the point of sales promotion?
From the point of view of the seller, a sales promotion can have a number of different uses:

  • To encourage an increase in consumer demand
  • To stimulate the market
  • To improve product recognition and availability
Sales promotions can come in many different forms. If you've ever entered a competition sponsored by a product, or won a prize by entering a branded contest, then you've already taken part in a sales promotion.

Essentially, a successful sales promotion will encourage consumer interaction and boost sales in the long run (even though a loss might be incurred in the short-term).

The most common example of a sales promotion is the offering of goods or services at reduced cost. The type of "50% off" temporary deals which are introduced by retailers seasonally is a specific example of this activity.
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The promotion of products to the market.
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It can attract the consumer's attention and sell more goods.

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