What Is Performance Coaching? What Are The Phases Of Performance Coaching And Its Importance


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What is Performance Coaching?
Performance Coaching is a partnership between a senior leader, a performance coach and the sponsoring organization aimed to enhance individual learning and development while achieving agreed-upon business goals.
To be effective, performance coaching must be strategic and individualized. A balance must be struck between the needs of the individual and the needs of the organization. To engage and motivate individuals, performance coaching must be tailored to their needs and aspirations. To deliver business results, the coaching must also be tailored to the strategy, vision and values of the organization.
The prime objective of a performance coaching program is always to improve the business results of the company. It will help coaches identify their most characteristic, reflexive, managerial behavioral responses, and determine when these are and are not responsive to the task at hand or aligned with corporate vision, values and strategy.
The coaching process is generally tailor-made and varies according to the need of the organization”, for “this moment- in –time”, given their particular intentions and reality: Each organization is unique, as is each individual within that organization. In the design, the phases are blended with relevant approaches, research, assessment tools and expertise with coaching techniques that are proven to help organizations to shift performance. The best way is to operate with a three- phase process, typically lasting from 6 to 8 months and leaving the leadership team with the skills required to sustain the transformation.:
PHASE 1: The Diagnostic
We hold one-to-one conversations with the CEO, Board Members and with individuals from all layers of the organization to collect data; we observe life in the work place, attitudes in people and prominent behaviors. While the primary purpose of this phase is diagnostic, we often see changes beginning this early in the project. This phase lasts from 1 to 2 months depending on the size of the business.
PHASE 2: The Plan
We derive insights through a discerning review of reality regarding people and performance. We identify attitudes, behaviors and underlying values that will deliver a shift in performance. We then consolidate and give feedback to the top leadership team. Based on that, we help the leadership team to decide whom to engage into the process, to design a transformation plan and to take charge of its delivery. The plan covers commitments, responsible leaders for each action, dates and success criteria. This phase typically lasts around 2 months.
Given the plan that is generated by the leadership team, we agree our various roles to support the business. Also at this stage, our coaches make performance-coaching contracts with the leaders/teams who ask for coaching support. These contracts target specific results, to be reached within the following 3-4 months.

PHASE3: The Implementation
During the implementation of the plan, our roles vary from designing interventions, training, advising and sharing experience to performance-coaching for key leaders/teams. The aim is to build into the business, a capacity to move with speed and commitment to reach the business ambition. The length of this phase depends on the extent to which the business wants to go on building capacity to sustain self-challenge and transformation to face changing environment and goals

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