How To Become A Surveyor?


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A surveyor is generally referred to in many fields. You could become a surveyor who determines the positions and distances. For this you could do a course in civil engineering. Some of the added qualifications may include require a Bachelor of Science in Surveying, or a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. You could on completion of graduation sit for the Fundamentals of Land Surveying exam and then be certified as a Surveyor In Training (SIT). Upon being certified as an SIT, you need to gain some kind of experience.

The second type of surveyor is the Surveyor (hydrographic) who maps the seabed for navigation. The next is the Ship surveyor also known as marine surveyor who inspects and examines ships. For this you need a qualification of Master mariner, engineer, naval architecture or radio officer). The next type of surveyor is the Quantity Surveyor who does small time courses.

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