During The Middle Of A Shift, You Notice That Your Coworker, Jim, Looks Really Upset. What Action Would You Take?


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The most important thing to remember in such a situation is that whatever action you decide to take, make sure this decision does not interfere with your own work or you could get warned by your employer. It is important to be aware of your colleagues and take concern over any issues that may arise but do not let their issues become yours.
In this situation, there is little you can do until you find out what the problem is. So wait until you have a break for lunch, coffee or cigarettes and take this opportunity to ask Jim what the problem is. It could be anything affecting him, from a personal issue at home to a problem meeting deadlines or a disillusionment with the management department. Remember, it is not up to you to sort out Jim’s problem but you can offer some friendly words of advice if you think this may help. However, if you do not know whether you can help him, the best advice is to tell Jim he should seek the help of management initially or outside help if his problem is deeper.
Either way, ensure you return to work on time and continue to do as good a job as you can without thinking too much of Jim. If it is obvious your colleague is not cheering up or his mood decreases still then take the next opportunity to bring up your concerns with senior management. Highlight the concerns from your perspective but be clear it has not got in the way of your own productivity. After this the situation should be out of your hands and you can be safe in the knowledge you did as much as you could without letting it affect your work.
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Personally I would take an opportunity to ask him discreetly if everything is OK. During a break would be best if there is any break, otherwise I would wait to the end of the shift unless Jim looked really ill or as if he was about to break down in some way - in that case I think you should ask him to take a break, maybe even call the supervisor. But normally a friendly question in a break would be better.

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