Explain The Control Issues In Management Information System?


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There are several control issues that a Management Information System (or MIS, for short) needs to be prepared for. For example, there needs to be a contingency plan in place against security lapses. This should be combined with finding the correct administrators and executives who will coordinate the day-to-day operation of the MIS, providing members of staff with a clear remit and clear benchmarks on how information will be strategically managed and organised in the coming months. These targets are important to ensure that data processed by the MIS is accurate, appropriate and quickly delivered to the end user in the necessary format.

Other control issues don’t pertain to controlling the MIS directly, but still remain vital if something goes wrong. Just like employer’s liability insurance is a vital component of business, getting protective cover in the event of fire or data loss can soften the financial impact of disruption to an MIS. The payout from a policy in the event of something going wrong wouldn’t only cover the replacement hardware required for normal service to be resumed, but it would also contribute to the expense of reconfiguring settings within the MIS and compiling all of the data once more.

Finally, another control issue should be ethics, and this doesn’t just pertain to the data held on the system, but the work and pay conditions of the staff who operate it.

As you can imagine, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the control issues associated with an MIS.


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