I Received A Confirmation Letter Via Email Confirming A Job Interview. Should Thank You Letter Be Now Or After The Interview?


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It is best to send the thank you letter before the interview.

  • Receiving an Interview
When you get a call about showing up for an interview you are able to thank the person right away and accept the job interview. When the interview confirmation letter is sent via email there is anonymity and the person sending the message about a job interview needs to know that you received the email. This requires you to send a response.

  • Sending a Response for an Interview
Since the company has been nice enough to provide you with a job interview and they have confirmed the time and place you should also send an acknowledgment letter back via email. This is why you should send a thank you letter before the interview. The thank you letter should state that you are happy for the interview and will be showing up. You should also include phrases such as thanking them for their time and consideration. It shows a professional behavior even before you get into the interview. This tends to impress the individuals doing the interview before they even meet you.

  • Sending a Thank You after the Interview
You may also send a secondary thank you note once the interview has been completed. This again shows professionalism that is above others that were interviewed or at least on the same level. This secondary email should be short and just remind them that you were interviewed. If you received the job during the interview you can also include a thank you for being hired to show that you are excited and ready to work for the company.

It is just a more professional way of handling interviews. Even if you do not get the job send a thank you after the interview.

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You can send an email or brief letter confirming your job interview now and reinforcing how much you are looking forward to the interview and getting to know more about the company. A proper job interview thank you letter should be sent after the interview.Thank You Letters
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I would send a thank you now for them considering you for the job.
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Always send thank you after the interview.

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