How To Write A Respond To A Phone Interview Request Via Of Email? Saying That I,am Interest In The Position And Looking Forward To The Phone Screening.


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If you are sending a letter via email it does not need to be quite as formal as a written letter but you still wish to make a good impression so retain a certain degree of formality in your email.

  • Subject
Give the subject of your email something such as 'Phone Interview' just so your interviewer knows what it is about and does not disregard the email. Address it to 'Dear ... (and insert the name of the main person who interviewed you).'

  • First paragraph
In the first paragraph you will want to thank your interviewer and say something such as this: "I would like to thank you for the opportunity you presented me with today with the telephone interview. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you and learning more about the position. It sounds like an extremely interesting and exciting vacancy you have within the company and I would love the opportunity to fill it."

  • Second paragraph
In the second paragraph you should outline the skills, qualifications and relevant background or work experience you have which you believe makes your suitable for the job. You may have already mentioned this during your phone interview and if you did, just give a brief outline to remind you interviewer of the fantastic qualities you have. This is very important as it is possible that your interviewer has spoken to many people within a short space of time and it is possible that they may have forgotten some of your details.
  • Final paragraph
Your final paragraph should say something like: "Thank you again for your time and I look forward to hearing from you again regarding the phone screening. If you would like to contact me sooner, please do not hesitate to do so. You can call me on XXX or email me at this address'.
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Dear ( name of the interviewer if you are not able to obtain use formal approach),

It was great talking to you. I would like to say my sincerest appreciation for the phone interview and looking forward to the one on one interview for your company.

( Name)

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