Why Is It Important For Top Executives To Value And Support Leadership Demonstrated At All Levels Of The Firm?


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I think it is very important for the executives to value and support leadership at all levels of the companies. The first reason is that it creates a vision in the followers. Secondly, it creates passion and sacrifice in the followers. Thirdly, it is very important to motivate the employees at all the levels of the company because it increases the confidence, persistence and determination. When leadership qualities are supported and valued then degree of faith in employees is increased for the articulation of the vision of the company. It also builds good reputation of the company and talented people always want to go for employment in such companies. When these top level executives show leadership qualities and also promote it in the followers, then it creates role-modeling.

I think for the efficiency, encouragement and motivation of the followers, leadership should be valued and supported by the top executives at all the levels.

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