We All Have Ways Of Showing Consideration For Others. What Are Some Things You've Done To Show Concern Or Consideration For A Co-worker?


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There are many simple, easy gestures that will show your co-workers that you respect them, are interested in their well being and enjoy working with them. A really nice idea is to come to work with a box of fresh muffins, or doughnuts in the morning. Most offices have small kitchen areas, where employees can drink a glass of water, make some coffee, or tea, or have their lunch. Just about everyone would appreciate to be greeted at the start of the work day, with muffins, doughnuts and some fresh coffee. By doing this, you are making the work place a much more friendly and collegial environment.

Another way to show your consideration is to offer to fill in for someone, if they are ill, or have a family emergency to attend to. This shows that you sympathize with their situation and are willing to go out of your way to help someone out.

On Valentine's Day, it can be a nice idea to bring flowers or chocolates for the women in your office, while it is great if you can also remember the birthdays of your co-workers, and even organize office parties on special occasions.

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