I Want To Know 10 Personal Hygiene Rules When Working In A Supermarket?


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1 - Always wash your hands.2 - Clean up spills.3 - If a product is compromised, report it and throw it away or return it to the manufacturer.4 - Always follow hazmat for chemical spills. Know where your hazmat guides are and how to read the posters.5 - Wear hair nets and protective clothing when working with fresh foods.6 - Always wash produce before placing on shelves.7 - Keep a close eye on the temperature of frozen and refrigerated items.8 - Rotate the oldest items to the front of shelves so they do not become expired before selling.9 - Keep your fingernails clean, shave, brush your teeth and don't wear body piercings.10 - If you are bleeding, clean it up fast and promptly dispose of anything that was contaminated by the blood. Www.carecleaningandprotection.com.
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Well one is wash your hands after you use the restroom, mess with food, etc...
Wear gloves if there is unknown objects on the floor
thats really all I can think of. Just use common sense

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