What Are The Room Status Terminology In A Hotel?


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In the hotel and hospitality industry, room status terminology is used to denote what condition a room is in and whether or not it is currently being occupied by a hotel guest, or guests. DNCO is one popular term that is very commonly used to describe room status - this term means "did not check out".

When a hotel staff member uses this term (in speech or writing), they are referring to a guest that has settled his or her bill with the hotel, but did not formally check out at the front desk area. Often, there are ways to avoid a formal check out, so a guest chose to pay their bill in another way, and simply left the hotel once his or her stay was complete. This means the room is ready for cleaning, and ready for a new guest after it's been taken care of by housekeeping.

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A room status that is designated "late checkout" refers to the room of a guest (or guests) that is due to leave that morning, but extends checkout past the official checkout time. Late checkout status must be stated, so housekeeping and the front desk both know when the room will be ready for cleaning, and when the room can be occupied by another client, or clients.

The term, "due out" is used to designate room status for a guest who is leaving the hotel that day. The final day of a guest's stay will denote "due out" status, and the front desk will expect a formal checkout, and housekeeping will need to do a full cleaning after checkout. In the case of a typical "due out" status, there will be no late checkout or another issue. If late checkout is requested, the status will change from "due out" to "late checkout".
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During the guest stay, the housekeeping status of the guestroom changes several times. The various terms defined are typical of the room status terminology of the lodging industry. Not every room status will occur for each and every guest during their stay at the hotel.

Changes in this status should be promptly communicated to the front office in order to maximize the room sales and revenue. Maintaining timely housekeeping status requires close coordination and cooperation between the front desk and the house keeping department for the Non- Automated / Semi – Automated hotels.

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Room status Terminology

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