What Are The Room Status Codes Of Hotel?


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Describing the status of a hotel room determines its readiness for new occupancy. A room status code will combine both the occupancy and cleanliness information relating to a hotel room.

• Vacant/Ready (VR): Available for sale. This is the only status that a room can be sold in
• Vacant/Clean (VC): The room has been cleaned by a housekeeper, but it has not been inspected yet by a supervisor or manager to ensure that it is V/R.
• Vacant/Maintenance (VM): A room has been taken out of inventory for a specified reason, normally to allow repairs to take place.
• Occupied/Dirty (OD): A guest is occupying the room, but it has not yet been serviced by housekeeping since the previous night
• Occupied/Clean (OC): Room is occupied and has been serviced by housekeeping.
In the book 'Front office operations and management' by Ahmed Ismail, the author refers to room status as the 'life cycle' of a guest room. A hotel needs to know the status of a room in order to determine its readiness for new occupancy.

The typical 'life cycle' of a guest room will be VR -> OC -> OD -> VD -> VC -> VR. The cycle then repeats itself.
Both housekeeping and the front desk of a hotel should maintain room status. They should then co-ordinate with each other to ensure that rooms are assigned and classified appropriately in order to maximize room revenue. Theoretically it means that rooms will be unoccupied for as short a time as possible providing that the status of the room has been correctly updated.

For more information, you can view Ahmed Ismail's book 'Front office operations and management' by visiting
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OCC - occupied
VR - vacant ready
VD - vacant dirty
OOO - out of order
DND - do not disturb
BLD - blocked
NS - No Show
SO - slept out
OD - occupied dirty
FG - fussy guest
VIP - very important person
VViP -ver very important person
FIT - free independent person/ foreign Individual tourist
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Color status code

color status code
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It depends in what context you mean "status" in relation to the room and whether it is operational or business reporting.
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