How Do I Set Myself Up As A Consultant?


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A consultant is a bit of a catch all phrase currently and you will need to ensure that you are an expert in your field, since you could be sued if you give the wrong advice.
So first of all you need to ensure that you have got professional indemnity insurance. This may be quite expensive, but most companies will not employ you without it.
Next you need to attract clients, through mailshots, flyers, advertising and clever marketing. A local Chamber of Commerce may be active in your area and it is always worth contacting them to see if they can help you to network and get in new clients.
You will also need to register with the tax office and it is also worth talking to an accountant about whether you should set up as a company or just be self employed.
Being a consultant sounds glamourous, but the reality is it can be a hard slog until you start making serious money, so be prepared to be patient !
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Apart from the tax registration, you may also need a state license to practice in your field. And your state or local jurisdictions may require you to have a business license.

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