How Do You Log In As A Consultant With Mary Kay?


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The Mary Kay Company based in Dallas, Texas, is one of the most successful direct selling cosmetic companies in the world today. Sales in the year 2010 were over 2.2 billion and the company is known world-wide for rewarding their top selling consultants with pink Cadillacs. As a consultant with Mary Kay, you may need to log in to their web site at to get access to the latest information and to help you manage your business. To log into your account you will need to use your Mary Kay consultant number which you are given when you first sign up with the company, and a password which you derive yourself.

Since Mary Kay is a privately held business, it does not make all of its financial information public, so there is really no way to determine what average earnings per representative and other statistics are. But it is known there are two ways a Mary Kay consultant can make money.  A Mary Kay consultant can make money by selling any of their vast line of cosmetic products for women, or by recruiting other ladies to be Mary Kay consultants. One of the reasons that recruiting new consultants is so important and rewarded so handsomely is that the turnover rate for Mary Key consultants is around 68% in the United States, and even higher in other countries such as Canada. 

Mary Kay can be a great opportunity for the right people, those people most often are women with a large number of friends and neighbors in an urban setting who have many potential customers and friends they can recruit into the business. The Mary Kay web site is a new development to give women more tools for success and an attempt to cut down on the high turnover rate that has plagued the company now for decades.
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In order to log in as a consultant with Mary Kay you will first have to visit their website. The websites address is There you will have to click on the option that asks you whether you wish to find within your area a Mary Kate beauty consultant. You will require your area code to find a consultant near you. Now you can call this consultant and she will guide you and introduce to the world of Mary Kay. You can then go ahead and order your starter kit which will cost you around $100. There are a number of CDs included in the starter kit which will guide you through the process, provide guidance regarding sales, inventory etc. The Company also provides refunds for unused inventory and starter kits if you change your mind about getting involved.

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