What Is EIQ And Why Do Some Empoyers Think It Is Important?


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EIQ stands for Emotional Intelligence Quotient. As a concept it has been around since the 1950's but has enjoyed a remarkable resurgence over the last three years.
It is a measuring tool for emotional intelligence (referred to as EI). EI is about perceiving emotions of oneself and others, using emotions to facilitate training, understanding emotional meanings as well as managing ones emotions.
Some psychologists think that EI is a given and cannot be increased, others say that this is a skill which can be taught.
The Quotient is a set of tests which are said to accurately reflect one's state of emotional intelligence.
Some, but by no means all employers think that it is important, because it can help diffuse 'office politics' and help raise productivity by having a 'happy workforce'.
It can seem a bit fanciful, but there are some good points to it. For example,.accurately perceiving emotions and managinng them can be useful. If a manager finds a member of staff irritating, then this can be recognised (ie the manager perceives that his emotions are affected by the employee). He can then manage his emotions to enable constructive dialogue between the manager and employee.

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