Why Do You Think Excellent Customer Service Is Important?


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The essence of excellent customer service is listening attentively, answering confidently and the ability of assuring your customers that they come absolutely first.

I worked in the service industry for about four years and while the job demands the very best of your patience, what really made it all worth a while at the end of the day were the heartfelt thankyou's I got from my customers and ofcourse their appreciation.

The difference between good customer service and excellent customer service lies in catching the pulse of your customer; understanding what your customer wants is vital. Once you have understood his or her needs or request then it all depends on how fast, how accurate and how simply you can comply with those demands and if you can make all of this look effortless then you will have a winner on your hands.

And never forget "customer allways comes first and is always right".
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To me guest service is having someone from the hotel accessible when I need them and being friendly while they do so.

It is also an attitude: Smiling faces, welcoming words. There is nothing worse than going into a place and being coldly greeted by the host or concierge (or not greeted at all). It's such a turn off.

Also someone who is knowledgeable about the hotel and surrounding areas. Tourists will likely have questions, it's frustrating when employees don't know the answers.

But I think above all it means having a genuinely positive attitude and willing to go out of you way to help a guest.
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Excellent customer service employees listen carefully to what is being said and if there is a fault work to rectify it as quickly as possible with the least inconvenience to the client. They know that they are directly responsible for any service or fault and act accordingly. They know a satisfied client will return - if they are dissatisfied then not only will the customer be unlikely to return they are also likely to tell their friends. Even when the complaint has been dealt with the best companies will do a survey to see if they could have dealt with the problem better.
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Shows your confidence, and customer relation management

if I'm good with communication I can get a messege across clearly and effectivly

good customer service, helps by finding the persons needs and how to handle the situation
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One must be able to listen and understand customers complaint and then communicate back to customer in way he/she undersatnds to resolve complaint and make customer happy

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