How To Do 'Preparation Of Vouchers And Invoice And Salary Statement'?


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If you want to see templates of vouchers, invoices and salary statements there are plenty of sites on the Internet that will provide them for free. Just type in what you are looking for into a search engine. In most cases, you will be able to down load them, and if they are not quite what you want you will be able to tailor them to your requirements.

If you want to write an invoice, there are some things that need to be included.

• Invoice requirements
You will need to have the business details, including the name, address and contact details including email address.

Each invoice should also have its own unique number (though it can include letters). A common method is to prefix the reference with the first three letters of the client's name so your copy can be filed easily.

The client's name and address should also be included.
• Dates
Obviously, the date should be included but it is also important to give the date by which payment needs to be paid, which is often 30 days after the date on the invoice.

• Fees
This section of the invoice needs to have a description of the services (or products) that have been provided, and the gross amount that is due. If there are any additions that need to be included, then do so, and then give the total amount.

• Payment terms
Instructions on how to pay need to be included, such as by check, cash, card, or bank transfer.

• Mail or email?
You can either mail or email your invoice, but it is better to check with your client how they would prefer to receive it. Some are happy to save paper and get an email; others want a hard copy for their records.

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