How To Prepare For Technical And HR Interview?


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The best way to prepare for a technical or HR interview is to try to determine what types of questions a potential employer may ask you and how you would formulate your response to these questions. You should never attend any interview without having at least a minimal degree of preparation. Even if you are not sure what you will be asked, be certain to find out a little about the company you are interested in working for and, when appropriate, try to weave in bits of information about the company into your answers. This will show that you are prepared, truly interested and can take the initiative.

For HR interviews, expect to be asked about your previous work experience and what you have learned from this, as well as your specific skills. If you are just out of university, talk about internships you may have taken, as well as any volunteer work. Be sure to mention that you have good technical writing skills and that you are able to prepare technical reports and presentations with ease. These are key to most HR jobs.
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Before attending the actual interview, You have to attend the practice interview to learn Interview Techniques, Tricky Questions, and Answers. So you can experience how the real-life interview feels.

In an interview, The interviewer can check your confidence levels. So, you have to boost your confidence levels with interview buddy.

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