How Much Does Lawyers Get Paid Weekly?


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About 4,800
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Do not think lawyers get paid weekly. Usually it is a percentage of what the settlement money has been awarded.  Of course, lawyers get hired by a client so that brings in money, as well a some people who keep a lawyer on retainer.  They make good money- the better they are and the more wins they have- the more money the make.
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How much does a lawyer get paid a month
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I really do not know, but it would be in the thousands if the lawyer is a good one. Not really sure though. A public defender will not make as much since he would be paid by the state/government
I do know of some here in this area who would bring home well over 100,000 dollars a year
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At the firm I work at, they have a base salary, (they get paid bi-weekly) and then they get a percentage of all the expenses, billable & hourly work. Some attorneys charge in 15 minute increments also. Then of course, if they win a case they get a percentage of that. A retainer is just a "down payment" for the work the attorneys do, which is put in an account and used along the way as work is done.

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