How Much Does A Doctor Get Paid Weekly?


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That depends on what he or she specialises in, if he or she is any good at it, if he or she is a public or private practitioner, if he or she is a consultant and maybe most of all what part of the world this doctor is located in.

In the UK, an NHS consultant will earn between £74,504 and £100,446 per year, dependent on length of service. There are considerable bonuses for clinical excellence. Salaried GPs employed directly by Primary Care Trusts earn between £53,781 and £81,158 depending on, amongst other factors, length of service and experience, although as most GPs are self-employed, the contracts they strike with PCTs result in higher pay. If their surgeries have a dispensing chemist attached, they can look to earn £30,000 a year. Other doctors appear to earn between
£25,000 and £80,000 a year. Those working in the private sector are likely to be earning more.

In the states the payer is on average higher.

A general Paediatrician will earn on average $116,748 a year while a family physician or doctor will rake in $122,890. No wonder Fraser Crane was so smug, psychiatrists earn an average wage of $145,994 a year, a couple of hundred dollars more even than physicians and doctors that specialise in internal medicine ($145,785). Physicians working in hospitals earn more again with an average wage of $164,235, radiologists can command an annual fee of $175,000 (must be something to do with all those x-rays). But the top dogs appear to be Plastic Surgeons who earn on average $204,237.

These sums are considerably more than those commanded by surgeons and anaesthetists. As you can see it’s a lucrative business to be in but you have to invest a hell of a lot of time and money to get to a place where you can be earning these kinds of big bucks.

And if you really must know the weekly wage, divide the figures by 52.
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That's an ambiguous question.   The more people a doctor keeps sick, the more money a
doctor makes.   The more people a doctor cures immediately, the more the doctor and his
family will starve.   Seesee
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There are many types of doctors:
Brain doctor: 45000

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