What Is The Importance Of Statistics In The Field Of Nursing?


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Nurses can use the knowledge of statistics for seeing or forecasting the patterns of symptoms caused in the patients so that they can be well prepared for coping with the uncertain situations. The knowledge of statistics can prove to be highly beneficial for the people related to medical field. Nurses can take advantage from the previous data archives to study the patterns of diseases in the patients. They can use data sheets or frequency charts for remembering the timings of medication given to the patients. They can maintain the temporary record for the patient under her supervision who is admitted in the hospital. Since there are so many events which have reported death of patients because of small carelessness of nurses, it is very necessary for them to make use of the statistical techniques and data for the patients' dosages, drugs uses and side effects etc.
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Statistics plays a vital role in almost every field of study one way or another. It can be used in different applications. As in the field of nursing it can be used to calculate the arithmetic mean of the number of people who get examined each day and in the same manner the record can be maintained for a week, mint or even a year.

Similarly data calculations can be used to have an analysis that how many patients supper a particular kind of disease like HIV etc and this data can be used further by the hospitals to take more measure against it. A percentage calculated by the nurses can be useful in this regard. Similar techniques can be used by nurses.
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Statistics makes it possible to predict the likelyhood of events and make suitable adjustments and necessary indications to arrest and curtail deviations from the standard or normal levels

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