What Are The Specialization Fields In Nursing Profession?


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Nursing is a very vast field. In every medical field, nurses are required. In some cases these nurses are associated to a separate medical department where they require the specialized training according to that specialized field. Very major specialization fields in nursing profession are cardiac nursing, child health nursing, oncology nursing, orthopedic nursing, psychiatric and mental health nursing etc.

In nursing profession, other fields are also available. These fields include emergency nursing, faith community nursing, school nursing, travel nursing etc. Sometimes a patient requires special care. With these patients a separate nurse is associated. In good medical organizations, the legal nurse consultants and nursing management departments are also present. In nursing profession, sometimes duties are also assigned as health visitors to the urban as well as rural areas. Live-in nurse concept is also there in the nursing field.

A specialization in any of the nursing field is a good practice. Every medical department in good medical organizations has chief nursing officer. Often preference is given to the specialized nurses of the relevant fields for the post of chief nursing officer.

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