How To Write A Letter To Department Managers Asking Them For Redundancy Within Their Respective Department?


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To create a redundancy letter should be thought out carefully and addressed accordingly to the right people in a formal tone and express how you have enjoyed working at your chosen company.

It may be that your company is telling you to do voluntary redundancy which is when a person is persuaded to give up their job voluntarily, usually because of a large financial payout.

The recent global financial crisis has meant that businesses in the UK and in the rest of the world have had to slash their costs and budgets and this means companies have no choice but to reduce their costs. Be careful not to be too abusive in your letter and express your regret at leaving the company.

Redundancies often affect the morale of the whole workforce and, in attempts to avoid this, company executives may offer lump sum pay outs to some employees if they volunteer to give up their job or take voluntary redundancy. You might want to consider the staff or employer’s point of view as it is entirely up to the employer which members of staff might be targeted for voluntary redundancy.

When companies receive redundancy letter they are taken with great care and consideration as a last resort. Other people in the workforce are less likely to worry about their own roles. If a company offers you voluntary redundancy then this could affect the remainder of the workforce. The letter should also state your intent to continue if necessary and if there are any other roles you could discuss. If you are intent on leaving then please ensure you thank whoever employed you and that it has been a learning curve and fantastic experience - one which does not have a detrimental effect on their business.

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