How To Write A Request Letter For A Voluntary Redundancy?


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Making the decision to request voluntary redundancy is an important one and for the process to go as smoothly and professionally as possible, communication is key. Letters are essential for keep records of communication on file so that if any discrepancies appear in the future, the letters can be brought out for re-examination.

It is important to keep your request letter clear and concise. You do not need to include all of the details about your redundancy, just the key facts. Make sure that you have headed the letter with your name, address and any other contact details that you feel should be included. Telephone numbers or an email address is recommended. Address the letter to your manager, the term of address you use may be dependent on your relationship with your boss but typically it should read 'Dear Mr. X'.

Get straight to the point in your letter, begin it by stating that you are writing to request voluntary redundancy. You should then mention what date this will be effective from. It may also be worth mentioning any information that you have been told about pay. If the company policy is that you will continue to receive statutory monetary pay under certain guidelines, state that you understand these policies. If you want to be contacted about any changes in this pay, this is the place to write it.

Emphasize that you would like to work with them again in the future, if this is the case, and ask that they keep your details on file in case an opportunity arises. The formality of the letter can also depend on the relationship of you and your boss, if you really would like to be considered for future opportunities you can use this letter to briefly mention how much you have enjoyed working at the company.

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