How Does This Scenario Reflect Planning In A Dynamic Environment? What Would Managers Need To Do To Make Their Planning Effective In Such An Environment


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A dynamic environment enables managers to make planning effective by introducing a number of factors into the business. Some of these factors are:

  • Studying the political trends

A business can plan effectively for the future by keeping an eye on the political trends. Politics has an enormous effect on the workings of all businesses, as a change in leadership can affect businesses in positive and negative ways.

By keeping an eye on the politics of a country, a business can put alternative workings into place; and implement them if needed.

  • Studying the economic trends

As with politics, economics can affect the way a business is run; with interest rates and inflation being instrumental in this. By watching out for economic trends, a business can stay one step ahead by putting different procedures and plans into place; should the need arise. If these strategies are in place, then if the economy takes a dive, the business will be better prepared to tackle the problems head on.

  • Studying the social trends

The social trends that take place are vital to a business. By watching and understanding social trends, a business can introduce new products and services that will be taken up by people. Keeping on an eye on changing social trends can enable a business to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

  • Keeping an eye on new technological events

As with changing social trends, technology is ever evolving and it is essential that any successful business keeps an eye on these developments. By implementing new technology into the business, the company can increase productivity and therefore turnover, before the competitors of the business are up to speed.

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