Describe how managers can effectively plan in today's dynamic environment?


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My two-cents would be that managers really need to make use of the planning tools at their disposal.

Project management tools like Basecamp are a good place to start (I believe I wrote an answer about that particular piece of software here:

Communicating your plans is another key issue within management, especially so in a noisy and ever changing environment.

Again, technology can provide solutions: Things like Trello or Google Calendar are vital to certain organizations, setting events, meetings, objectives, reviews, targets.

When setting goals or targets, it's also important for managers to communicate several things. Some examples being:

  • breadth
  • timeframe
  • specificity
  • frequency of execution/use

Here's a slideshare document that might provide insight into the various levels of planning, and how operational strategies and goals can be set out to help you meet requirements:

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