How To Introduce Myself And Handle One An Half Hour Time Interview For Upgrading My Post In My Organization?


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Anonymous answered name is fina.I am 35 yrs of age.I was receiving my early education at sk after that.after that my secondary school was at smk st Magdalene.after my form 5 in 1993,about my family, I already married with 2 kids and my husband also working in government department. I continue my study at polytechnic and taken a certificate in Building services engineering from1993 to 1995.I was joining a government department a year after that and start my career as a technician. Before I was attach to any section.I had to attended a technical courses conducted by my employee which we had to learn all about civil work such as road,building, concreting,survey, estimating and so first attachment was section building development which  was my first job was to supervise a school maintenance  and after that I was given a task to supervise a school project, in year 2001 I was transfered to another section but still under civil work but this time I was  experiencing a new task.that was to supervise a project and a maintenance of wharf,jetties,pontoon and ramp  area the city.which I have to learn so many things because it was totally different from my previous experienced.the material and chemical used are totally different from building...please check my grammar tq
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It all depends on you!!! Remeber that your personality counts most during an interview. The interviewer will seek you strenghts and weaknesses. Make sure that, if the interviewer finds out your weak point, you will be able to let him think that your weak point is a hendra-nce to your success on every decision you will make and you should convince him that your plan is long term and strategical base on standards of the company.   

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