How Do I Describe Myself? (when Going For A Job Interview)


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Base your self-description around your suitability for the position and focus your presentation around your strengths, relating them to your ability to contribute something invaluable to both your potential employer and their company. Offer examples of your merit wherever possible; everyone enters a interview as a hard-working, responsible and trustworthy individual, and you're not going to stand out a bit from them unless you tell your interviewer exactly why you're deserving of your title. As a final point, try to let your personality shine through. A little genuineness can go a long way.

While it can be difficult to figure out how best to sell yourself to a potential employer, the process becomes a little easier  once you've determined your ultimate selling point. It doesn't have to be something that others have commended you for in the past; rather, figure out what makes you most proud of yourself as a professional.

From there, branch this pride point out as far as you can. What has it meant for your success? What has it taught you? Why is it relevant to the position for which you're applying? Keep adding new items and keep answering the above questions. Go on until you're sick of writing about yourself. Then take a break, put your notebook down, and look it over after a few hours have passed.

With a fresher mind, pick and choose the items that you feel say the most about you while best advertising your suitability. Keep an eye open for unique traits that you express better than most people. You won't want to flood your description with these traits, but one or two should do you well.

Finally, rearrange what you have until you feel confident in your description. Don't focus too much on what you think the interviewer will want to hear. Instead, put together something that allows you to communicate why you are a perfect fit for the job.
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Always talk about your achievements. Do not talk too much about your family education, as this will be of no relevance. Recommendation is always talk about your projects, if any. Then talk about the situation and how you found a resolution. Make a note of the pointers and then discribe them. This will make interviewee think that you always organise your work well. Ask for sometime to answer questions, as your immediate response may lead you to fall short of words.

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When you apply for a job, talk abt the relate situation that will help your interviewer to think that they found the right guy. What all you done in past will not of much importance. Talk abt how you will handle a situation. Always go for an interview with a pen and a paper. Ask for sometime before answering. Make headers and then talk abt them. Explain them well.
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Interview is the very first impression of a person in an organization. We all know that first impression is the last impression. You should give an appropriate introduction in the start of interview. It is better to use English during an interview. You should introduce yourself as a job seeker. You should tell them about yourself by and by. Albeit it will take time but you have to do it in a nutshell. Don't waste a lot of time in telling them useless and irrelevant things about your self. You just need to tell them superficially.
Focus on your achievements in life. Also focus on your educational qualifications and your job experience. Hope you must know how to explore the best part of yours. It is better to talk more but if you think that you are an outspoken person then you should mind talking very less.
One should be careful in facing the interview. It is important to dress decently. You should not look either casual or over-dressed. You should look a gentleman/lady. It is important to make decent shave if you are a guy otherwise you should go for light make-up if you are a female.
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Tell of any eduction you have in the field.  Tell of any work experience you have in the field.  Tell of general education level.  Tell of any work experience.  Tell why you want the job.  Tell how you would help the company by getting this job.  Tell of any interests or activities you have that are relevant to the job. Tell why hiring you would be a good decision.  Also, when I went on interviews, I always dressed the way I would dress if I got the job and they wanted me to start that day.  Don't dress in a suit if you're going to be working on a farm and don't wear jeans and a T-shirt if you're going to work in an office.
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The best approach is to tell your real self. Be frank and make sure that your positive traits make a commendable impression to the interviewer. You can also tell about your negative traits but again, be sure of what measures you took/are taking to counter these negative aspect of yours. These should be put in a nice, convincing format so that the interviewer is more impressed at the end.
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Some people may describe themselves to make themselves sound great but honesty is the best policy !!
You should think about your behaviour and attitude toward life/friends etc. And try to find a word that describes you best.
For example for me it would be thoughtful because I am always thinking.
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In any type of interview, the first basic interview question is “ Tell me about yourself”?

Your answer should be confident.

First, you have thanked the interviewer….. “Firstly, I would like to thank you for giving this opportunity and it’s pleasure to introduce myself”.

Tell your name and location where your locating…. “I am (name) I belong to (city)”.

Tell your qualification….. “ Coming to my qualification.

My highest qualification is MBA with the stream of (branch) in ( college name) completed in (year).

I have completed my with the stream of (branch) in ( college name) completed in (year).

I have completed intermediate in (college name).

I have completed my 10th in (school name)”.

After your qualification details, you have to tell your skills…. “ I am quite good at (Digital Marketing skills or Programming skills)”.

You have to tell about your academic project.

If you any experience in any company previously you have told that.

Tell your Strength and Weakness.

Tell your Family background…..“ We are 4 including me My father (name) and he is working in (company name). My mother is the housewife and my brother/sister studying (qualification) in (college name).

That’s It, Sir.

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On the site, you can browse jobs but there is a large section that gives examples of all sorts of helpful interview information. In fact this website is so comprehensive that it contains best answers, worst answers and also information on how you can handle a question when you are almost caught off guard. You can also sample through some of the best interview answers, best resumes and probably 20-30 categories that gives you confidence to handle queries with ease.
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Hi everyone,
I am Abdul Hameed ,23 years old from Hyderabad
I am a Graduate
Completed my graduation from GM Sanghi college of commerce Hyderabad in march 2010
I have done my +2 from YMCA boys juniour college  Secunderabad in march 2007
And my schooling from mother theresa high school hyderabad in march 2005
I am a fresher
My hobbies are Traveling, cooking, and spending time with friends
I am looking forward to establish a good career in your company
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My name is tona mukherjee.I am born n brought up in calcutta.I am a natural extrovert.I am honest n reliable.m very must committed to my work and I am a great learner as well.I love to take up challenges that comes my way.
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Hi iv an interview on tuesday for a phlebotomist n I'm soooo nervous, I'm tryin to find out what questions they might ask to give me a head start... I'm really not good at interviews...

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