How Do I Apply For A Learnership?


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There are a variety of different ways you can enroll on one of these programs. Some require previous experience, extra qualifications and certain skills to be accepted. The best way to be accepted is to start inquiring with different companies about if they have any learnerships or any places for the next intake. Contact them by phone or email, hand out references and visit the offices to find out the latest information for each company,

Learnerships, more commonly referred to as internships or apprenticeships, are a great way to start earning and even get qualifications. Information you will want to find out when contacting different companies that you would like to work for or that offer you opportunities to learn skills that you want to gain are:

  • When they will next be taking on and how you can go about applying? Companies will have varying numbers of placements and resources available so by completing applications early you will have a better chance of being accepted and less pressure of competing with other late applications.
  • How long is the course and is there an opportunity of employment afterward? It may be too early to ascertain if there will be a guaranteed job at the end of the process but often that is what companies look to do providing that you maintain a high standard throughout your training.
  • Is there any cost to do the placement? Some placements work on a voluntary agreement that means they won't necessary pay you whilst working for them. In a sense they pay you by giving you the opportunity to learn. This is common even if you already have qualifications or not.

Applying for these programs are done on the base of individuals initiative so get in contact with as many companies as you can for the best chances of acceptance. If you are struggling with applications ask for assistance from a career advisor for tips on interview technique and references.

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