How do I apply for a learnership in the department of correctional service?


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Pursuing a career with the Department of Correctional Service can be very rewarding. It will allow you to experience life inside the correctional wherein you can get up close and personal with criminals, convicts and victims of injustice. It is also financially rewarding because it pays well and there is more room for promotions. Thus, for those who want to apply for a learnership program with the Department of Correctional Service, certain procedures have to be observed and specific requirements have to be met.

1. You need to have a college degree in order to qualify for the program. Those who do not have any employment might even qualify for a scholarship program.
2. You need to check first with the Department of Labor regarding the availability of a slot for a learnership program. Accordingly, you can also get an application from the said department. Be very particular with the details that you will supply in the form. There are some entries that need to be supported by documents and you have to attach them when needed. 'apart from that, other forms will also be give to you to fill up and to comply.
3. Lodging an application does not necessarily mean that you are immediately accepted. Instead, you have to wait for a notice informing you that you have been qualified for the next stage. Thereafter, the department will coordinate with you regarding the next step that has to be done.

What makes this learnership program excellent is how you can further your studies and improve your chances of getting a better paying job. Normally, the program can last for about a year. Once you have finished with it, you can already include it in your resume. Consequently, your employability will also increase.

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