How Management Started?


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The seeds of management were planted a long time ago, and has since been developed in to a structure we know today.

  • Local business
You can look back as far as business goes and you are going to be able to see that there would be some sort of element that relates to management that we recognize today. People would not have been able to make a successful living if they did not have management in place to keep a hold of their business and how it was succeeding.

  • Workers
Workers need to have management and they needed to be able to manage themselves when they were working. You cannot just expect workers to be able to do any job that you give them; they need to have guidance to ensure that they are going to be doing the job right. This will go back to the first businesses which would have been around many years ago. If there had to be workers, then there had to be management.

  • Income
The different amounts of money that a business would have been needed to be managed to ensure that the company was going to make a profit and therefore be successful.

Management may be very important and more complex within different businesses and companies today, but there were always the basics in place as soon as businesses began. This may have not been intended as management many years ago in history, but today it is studied to ensure that a business is going to be as successful as possible.

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