How Do I Get 7-eleven Employer Code To View Paystub?


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The best way to get the 7 Eleven employer code, or any employer code that uses Pay Stub Portal, is to ask your manager. The employer code is a unique code to the business you work for and symbolizes that business through a combination of letters and numbers.       

Pay Stub Portal is a website used by some of the nation’s largest businesses, such as 7-Eleven, Burger King and Walmart, to distribute their pay slips to employees and ensure employees can get easy access to their pay slips online in a convenient, safe and secure way. This also benefits the business as they save costs in printing out pay slips for all of their employees and it offers a simple and hassle free system.

Many companies have gone ‘paperless’ in recent years as a way of cutting costs and also appearing ‘green’ or ecologically friendly which is appealing to customers who have concerns about the planet and wasting products. Campaigns against using plastic bags are similarly intended to raise the company profile, cut costs and also help the planet.
Pay Stub Portal was developed by First Data who pride themselves on their ability to provide innovative prepaid solutions to meet any businesses needs, specializing in payroll distribution services.
Pay stub information is delivered to all employees regardless of how they receive their pay, paper pay check, through an electronic payroll distribution service like the Money Network Program or via direct deposit.       

New users, or new employees to a company who use the system, must register online before they can access their pay stub information. This ensures that each user is in a secure channel and all data is handled confidentially. Once registered, the user can access their information as often as required. They can do this online, through the interactive phone system and even via email or text message.

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