What Does "Only Shortlisted Candidates Will Be Contacted" Mean?


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It means only the people who have been selected would be communicated, not others.
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It means you will expect to be contacted only if you are being considered for the job post. If you weren't contacted, then that means you weren't hired nor even considered for the post.

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As companies go through the job search and the hiring process, then need to slowly widdle down the lists candidates until they ultimately find the person they select. Over the course of that list, they go screen through resumes, do additional screening interviews and then do more final round interviews. So if you hear something like, "Feedback is only given to short listed candidates." That means that they are only going to give feedback to candidates who make it  passed the interview round , and also passed that first telephone screening round, and make it into that more final round of interviews. In that case, you will not hear back if you had only made it through the first interview. But if you are one of the top 5, 8, or 10 people, then you're going to hear back because you made it to the short list.

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