What are the qualifications needed to get a job in Infosys?


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The qualifications needed to get a job depend on the exact position you are applying for. Infosys is considered one of the best software companies in India, so you need to be at the top of your game if you are trying to get a job or placement there.

You must have a Bachelors degree or a minimum 3.0 GPA if applying for a Software Engineer position.

Below is some information on the selection process Infosys goes through when choosing new candidates.

  • Campus interviews
Like many major companies in their field, Infosys will often travel to different colleges and conduct campus interviews in order to recruit candidates based on the level of their technical skills.

  • Written exam
All applicants will need to achieve the required marks from the written test. If they pass this then that they are considered eligable candidates.

When it comes to preparation for this written exam, the candidate will need to study their college syllabus as well as puzzles from authors such as R.S. Agarwal and Sakunthala Devi. To help with this there are many websites that provide sample papers and aptitude tests which can help candidates practice. These tests will also help the applicants gain an understanding of what sorts of questions will be asked during the interview.

  • Test sections
The first section of the test is based on quantitative aptitude and contains 10 questions, all multiple choice. There is no set mark for each question as this will vary depending on the difficulty. In order to get shortlisted, at least seven of the answers must be correct.

The next section of the test is the verbal section, which is considered to be the easiest part with 45 questions (again all multiple choice). The average time to complete these questions is 30 minutes. This test will include tasks such as correcting sentences, comprehension and synonyms.

  • Interview
This will be a human resource interview and lasts around 20 to 30 minutes. This part is all about being confident, even if you don't know the answer to one of the questions you are asked.

If you have been shortlisted from the written exam then you will definitely be selected for an interview, so put all your concentration into the exam and focus on your interview when you get to it.
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if u want to get job in infosys than u have to get maximum degree in computer field like M.E in well known collagelike IIM , SMU and SYMBIOSIS collage.

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Generally IT companies look for people with good aptitude and communication skills. Anyways you must have some knowledge in C basics. For a fresher these skills are enough. If you are from Computers background then you should have some basic knowledge in different programming languages. In the case of Infosys, I have heard that if you manage to clear the written, you are almost through. So concentrate more on aptitude skills. In this company, you can apply for different IT jobs.

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