Is The Irish Safe Pass Card Eligible To Be Used In The Uk As Opposed To The Cscs Card?


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The Irish Safe Pass Card is a health and safety card that all construction workers must hold to indicate that they have passed the FAS Safety Awareness Training Program. The card allows the holder to work in the construction industry legally.

The UK CSCS card was set up with a similar mission, to help prove competence and safety awareness for those employees working in the construction industry. The cards provide peace of mind to both employers and the public as they have knowledge that the construction workers are aware of health and safety and adhere to proper guidelines.

The CSCS has a helpline that will allow you to contact them as they are the best people to answer your question, as it is their guidelines you will now have to adhere to. Their telephone number is (+44)(0)844 576 8777.

Alternatively, their website, has an option to ask questions and browse frequently asked questions (FAQs) and this medium may be able to satisfy the answer to your question. The FAQ section contains one particular question entitled 'What is FAS and why don't card holders have to take the Constructions Skills Health and Safety Test in order to obtain a CSCS card'.

The answer to this question seems to insinuate that, although your Safe Pass Card will currently not make you eligible and you will need a CSCS card, you will not have to take the tests in order to get the card as long as your Safe Pass Card is valid. It seems that you should be able to apply and receive the CSCS card straight away without examinations. However, this is worth checking with CSCS on the number or website above.

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