Can You Tell Me The Difference Between Job Description&job Design?


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For creating a new job in the organization, a proper procedure is established that tells how exactly the job is going to be performed. The organization first of all determines its own needs and then determines each and every tasks and skills necessary to perform the job. It is the actual process of creating the job where different tasks are combined. It is an entire work system and talks about the methods. This is more useful for the person who has been hired and is now the employee of the company on the other hand a job description is a briefer version of this design and aims to introduce the responsibilities of a certain job to a prospective job candidate. As job description is a statement, it is not as long and detailed as a job design. So we can say that job design is more of internal tool while job description is meant for the recruitment process. Once the job has been designed, only then it can be described.

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