What Is The Difference Between Job Design And Job Analysis?


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Job analysis is a systematic exploration of the activities within the job. It defines and documents the duties, responsibilities and account abilities within a job and the working condition in which the job is to be done.

Job description is the summary statement of job analysis. It tells about the activities involved in the performance of the job.

While job analysis is wider in scope, the scope of job description is narrow!!!

Components of JA are JD, Job Specification and Job Evaluation.
Components of JD includes job title, job summary, location, equipments to be used, supervision required/given, working environment etc...
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Job discription is an introduction of the job,it is about what kind of job it is.while job analysis is about what you should do and what responsibilities you have to take for this job,and what characteristics it demands you for this job.
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Job analysis refers to the duties that one has to perform that is job description and the skills or qualification that one requires that is job specification whereas job design identifies the nature of the job that is whether the job is going to be with flexible hours, where would it be located etc.
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Job analysis is a survey conducted by the HR function and managers to identify what tasks ought ideally be assigned to a certain designation, the remuneration package for that particular area of operations and the benefits that go along with them. Also, job analysis tends to establish the parameters based on which the performance of an employee will be assessed on a recurrent basis. It also identifies the road map which will be used for growth in that particular department. Based on all that information the job description is designed and the training objectives are set to help the employee develop and grow and ensure that he is equipped with the tools and knowledge essential to that job's performance. Job design however is a completed draft of all the above mentioned areas.
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