Can An Individual Be Too Motivated, So That His Or Her Performance Declines As A Result Of Excessive Effort?


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So, this is question number 16?  What are the other 15 questions?  Where did this question come from (I noticed that the wording of the question does not match the wording of your answer; there are two very different styles of written communication demonstrated)?

An individual can be wrongly over-motivated in the workplace.  That is to say, a person's motivation can be inspired by factors that will not necessarily help his or her performance.

For example, a given individual's main motivation can be to only impress his or her superiors.  While this is a necessary motivation, one's unbalanced focus on it may lead to the taking on of too many responsibilities that should be shared, or taking on responsibilities that are not appropriate to have or that have not been delegated to such an individual.  This can lead to poor quality in the final product, be whatever it may.
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Yes, this will lead to decrile the performance of a person. Becaus the psycology or the thinking of the person will get deflected and he will be oveconfident with his performance. If a person will get overconfident the chances of decline his performance increases..
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'Too' much of anything is always bad.
An excessively motivated employee can give so much importance to fine details that he may miss the bigger picture.
Alternatively,an overly motivated person may find it harder to work in a team with another level of motivation.

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