I Need A Model Cv/bio-data/resume For Fmcg Sales And Marketing For Senior Level Post,any Help?


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A selection of FMCG resumes and bio data models may be found at the following websites:
Alternatively, it is possible to have a CV created at sites such as Letter Wizard, for instance.

The first thing to remember when writing a resume is to include contact details, consisting of name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Funky, playful e-mail addresses should be avoided, for this purpose a more formal one is much more suitable.

Presenting oneself as a focused individual is easily done by stating a clear career objective at the top. This should be a single, concise and crisp line at the top of the resume.

This should be followed by a paragraph summarizing experience and any features that may be important to the job. This will ensure that critical features will be seen even if the rest of the CV is only briefly scanned.

The next part is the working history. All previous employment should be listed here in chronological order, using bullet points; the most recent position should be listed first.

This is followed by educational qualifications, again in bullet point form. Any particular good scores secured with varying degrees may also be added. If any projects, internships or theses were undertaken, they should also be mentioned here.

Any specific academic recognition should be written in the Awards and Honors section below the educational details. This will add zing to any resume.

Although a reference section is not required, a short sentence stating that references are available on request may be added.

A good resume should not be longer than three pages at most. Sections should be eye-catching, but precise and to the point. A bold font may be used to highlight particularly important details to make a resume more effective.
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I need a model cv for job seeking in USA my qualification is M>Sc.Environmental science
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I need a model cv/bio-data/resume for f.m.c.g. Sales and marketing for middle level post, any help
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I need a model cv for the post of Teaching.

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